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You're building the impossible

You’re embarking on a mission that some people would call crazy: building a company from the ground up, obstacles blindsiding you at every turn, risking everything for the chance to do one thing you really believe in.

We’ve been there. We’ve dodged those obstacles and overcome those odds. It’s not easy. It’s much, much better than that.

You know your business.

We know the journey.

We’re C-level executives who want to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs with operating advice alongside our personal investment capital. You aren’t, and never will be, our company. You are your company — made better by our expertise.

Founders we've worked with

“Most ‘advisors’ will give you kind of bullshit generic advice that they read in a business book somewhere. Frederic has the actual chops to speak from experience and tell it like it is and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.”

Waseem Daher

CEO & Co-Founder,

“OpNet introduced us to one of our first customers and while we were working on our product, the team worked through any questions I had. I expect OpNet to be even more useful once we start actively selling.”

Vitaly Gordon

CEO & Co-Founder, Faros.AI

“Avid has been particularly helpful in high pressure situations where I needed someone to take the edge off funding conversations and understand multiple perspectives around the table.”

Jonathan Ng

CEO & Founder, Iterative Scopes

“OpNet offered actionable advice that was formative to signing our first deals, closing big hires, and establishing a high-performance Sales culture at Modern Health. You simply don’t get this type of advice from traditional investors who haven’t sat in a high-pressure seat as a founder, leader, and operator.”

Alyson Friedensohn

CEO & Co-Founder, Modern Health

We work with founders who

Are looking for investors who want to partner with you to develop and hone your skills and strategies

Need subject matter experts in Go-To-Market and G&A who are “on call” to help

Are raising financing